How to Format Your Paper in APA Style

this video explains how to format your paper in APA style 6th edition and is aimed at university students not scholars submitting articles for publication I will go over the basic information you’ll need to know if your instructor has asked you to format your paper in APA style including margins font spacing page numbering your title page the running head and the order of the various parts of your paper like your abstract references and any figures or appendices keep in mind that these are just general guidelines if your instructor has specified you do anything that differs from the APA guidelines check with your professor if you need more information about how to cite your sources in the text of your paper check out our video referencing sources in APA style a basic introduction let’s start with the basics of formatting APA recommends using 1-inch margins on the top bottom left and right of each page and also recommends using Times New Roman 12-point font your entire paper should be double-spaced page numbers should appear in the top right hand corner and all pages should be numbered including the title page and your reference list let’s look at how your title page should be formatted like the rest of your paper your title page should have 1-inch margins 12 point Times New Roman font and should be double-spaced the title of your paper should be centered and in the upper half of the page don’t put the title in larger bold italicized or colored font when deciding on a title APA recommends that it not be more than 12 words long should not contain any abbreviations and should summarize the main idea of your paper your name should appear under the title followed by the name of your university or institution if your instructor has best five that you include any additional information like your course number or section number be sure to follow their directions you should also indicate on your title page what your papers running head will be a running head is an abbreviated or shortened version of your title it should go in the top left-hand corner of every page of your paper including the title page and the reference list it should be written in all capital letters and be a maximum of fifty characters and this includes spaces and punctuation on the title page you use the label running head followed by a colon and then your actual running head for example deciphering APA guidelines across from the running head is the page number your title page is page number one this is how the running head should look on all of the pages that follow your title page after the title page is the abstract an abstract is a brief usually 150 to 250 word summary of your paper and should go on a separate page follow any instructions given by your instructor on how to write your abstract or see pages 25 to 27 of the APA manual the abstract is followed by the main body of your paper then by your reference list followed by any figures and finally any appendices you may have how you format your citations for your reference list will depend on the type of source you’re citing for specific information see one of our other APA videos like how to cite a book ebook website journal article or government document or visit the Munn library’s website and check out our full APA online guide and chat live with library staff

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